A Story Behind the Name

I love my husband. Even with all his little quirks. And prior to marrying him, I figured I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into.
One of his quirks – an “evening quirk”, perhaps is what I should call it, – is that he sleep walks. And talks. I’m just thankful it’s not every night. Or that I’m in too deep of an unconscious state to take notice.
On a less active sleep talk/walk night, he might mumble a few things in his sleep that my brain is too groggy to comprehend. Or get up from the bed to look out the window. At this point, I will patiently tell him to come back to bed. And he listens everytime. So far.
But there is the occasional night, that I am left baffled and amused…

It was the middle of the night, a few months ago. Something had caused me to come out of my deep slumber into a state of almost-consciousness. Most evenings, I would just roll over, and quickly fall back asleep. But this night, my barely-opened eyelids caught some movement; a desperate thrashing of sorts.
No… not thrashing.
More like… swatting.
My husband  was frantically swatting at something. Had I been given a couple minutes to figure things out, I might have come to a logical conclusion, like, perhaps there was a bug buzzing around the room.
That is, up until- clear as day- he asked ” How are you doing that with your eyes closed?”
But I’m..?
What am I doing now?
I don’t think I even had a chance to verbally express my confusion, before my husband stands up on the bed, and starts swatting at the ceiling fan!
Thank goodness it was Not turned on! ( Whether or not as a result of this little episode, we have not once used our ceiling fan during the night.)
The following morning, I just had to know what was going through his head that night. So I asked him.
Apparently, I was flying a bunch of little remote-control helicoptors around the room. With my eyes closed.
Why he was swatting at them, is still a mystery to me.
Was he trying to destroy them?
Or catch them?
We may never know.
I married a Sleep-walker. I guess these are my evenings from now on.


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