But we Deserve it… Or Do We?

Everyday, new products and services shove their way into our lives. Before we know it, every Joe around us has it, and sometimes we think, “Well, if he has it, I certainly can! Besides, I owe it to myself!”
I’m just an uneducated observer, ( Never having gone to College/ University.) but it seems there is this growing desire in recent years, to have stuff. By stuff, I mean anything that makes life more enjoyable or convenient, but is not an absolute necessity.
I, of course, can not exclude myself from the mass of over-buyers. As I type this, I am sitting in a cozy living room with too many couches, with my laptop on my lap, my cellphone within arm’s reach, two cars in the driveway, ( though only one currently runs), boxes of unused items in storage, and the list goes on.
I was going through one of my daily devotions a while back, and it told me to think about all I had bought the past week. Then challenged me to ask myself, everytime I pulled out my wallet, “Will this purchase be a wise one, and will it honor God?”  I think the point of this devotion was to remind me that all I have is God’s; that I am just a steward of it.
But instead, it made this little penny pincher feel more guilty.
I wiggle my toes as I stand on the line. If it is the line.
There is a line, isn’t there? Between enjoying some of the luxuries of life and seeing them as a blessing from God, or just plain-out selfishly over-indulging? How does one determine where that line is? Is it on an individual level? A matter of whether or not the Spirit convicts us? Or is there (Or should there be- ) a universal line?
I think as North Americans, we’ve set our standard of living bar rather high. The things we deem as necessary, maybe aren’t.
Obviously, people with a different set of beliefs will think rather differently.
Success, status, prestige – they are all highly valued in today’s world. Work hard, play harder. Or at least that’s how it seemed to be.
I’m going to switch tracks a bit here.
I previously mentioned this growing desire among people lately, to own stuff. To own stuff because we think we deserve it. To have access to certain luxuries or services. In recent years it seems, our ‘deservingness’, ( perhaps not a word… is it?) is less a matter of what we’ve worked hard for, and more of, what we feel entitled to.  An idea of ‘ Well, life’s pushed me around long enough. I’m doing this for me. I’m buying this new ___’
And now, that which we ‘deserve’, is more ‘affordable’ than ever!
0% Down!
0% Interest rate!
Only $399 Bi-weekly!
I’m sure we have all seen similar advertisements. Perhaps even bought into them.
We are an impatient generation. Gone are the days of working hard for what you have. (Though I don’t really fully understand the saying-) We’ll have our cake and eat it too.
“Well, I can afford the payments, so… I’ll take it!”
It’s a struggle, I confess, but there are some people my heart turns stone-y towards; the people who complain and fuss about money, but have recently bought a car, house, new furniture, AND, go to starbucks every day of the week. Though my observations are not statistics, these people often seem to be 20-somethings; sometimes even in their 30s. Just because I think differently, doesn’t mean I am right.
But sometimes, I    Just     Don’t      Understand.
I’m starting to rant a little, aren’t I? Clearly a sign of it being past my bedtime.
We are to be good stewards of that which we have been given. If we can’t afford it, maybe we shouldn’t  buy it.
And if we can afford it, well… Where’s the line?
Does our life reflect the work of God? Or of the world?

Just my thoughts of the day.


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