Summer this, Summer list

I’ve learned lots this summer thus far. Things like:
~ The less time you spend with people, the crazier you get.
~ Sugar right before bed, can result in a night of neverending dreams. Dream after dream after dream, and… what the heck was I running from again?
~ The lawn doesn’t mow itself.
~ The library is a splendid thing
~ The ice cream truck is a delightful and recognizable sound anywhere you are. ( Even if you are Not buying ice cream!)
~ Beauty is everywhere
~ Coffee cured my headache (Huh?)
~ Physical distance is bound to happen among friends as we grow older and seek our own paths, but hearts can stay close should we choose to make the effort. ( Note to self: Make the effort!)
~ Pursuing Christ is a daily choice. This is not really a newsflash, but something that every so often, I need to remind myself of.
~ And, last for now, for whatever reason, I just can’t wait for Autumn!


4 thoughts on “Summer this, Summer list

  1. I know I shouldn’t complain, I’m in So Cal, but it’s ninety; we don’t have air conditioning, and I wish I could sleep till October just in time to go trick or treating with my kids. We don’t really experience a winter, so Autumn lasts until around March, only the leaves are gone by then. Blessings!

    • I wish Autumn was longer here! One blinks, and it’s gone! Winters can last from October to as late as May. (Though this past winter was unusually short and mild) Throw in a few feet of snow, and a week or two of -40 degrees Celsius weather, and that is home; Looks like we should try a year in the south sometime!
      But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, is it? 🙂

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