It is early morning. Distant thunder resonates in the changing sky as the first rays of sun burst victoriously through the clouds in an impressive display of pink and purple and orange. The sound of traffic is such a distant hum, it could easily be the wind. And birds chirp cheerily just outside the open window.
Sometimes in the mornings, as I go through my devotions, I will try to take a few minutes to just listen; listen to God.
Most days, I don’t feel like I “hear” God. At least, not in the way that I would hear another being talk to me. But I think God says a lot through his creation. Through its beauty, how it is provided for, and how it brings glory to Him.
Lately the verse “Be Still and know that I am God”, has popped in my head repeatedly. And perhaps I misinterpret it, but It reminds me to trust in God; it reminds me to pause every so often, take a deep breath, and remember who is in control.
In a buzzing world of Go! it reminds me to slow down.
Sometimes life gets noisy.
But if you stay still for a moment, What do you hear?


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