*Spiritual High!* Then it Dies…

Thud – thud – thud – thud – thud – thud – thud.
The bass is cranked up. Drums playing so loud, your adrenalin starts to race. Pounding in your ears, your chest. Life, right now. Tens of thousands of people clapping, dancing, chanting, pumping their fists:
“Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes, Yes, Lord!”
Just thinking about it, gets my heart beating a little faster. I love concerts. Especially weekend-long gigs. Like YC, (Youth Conference) in Edmonton. Or Creation Fest in the States. It was a time to escape the normalities of life, and dive head first into a world of fellow believers; young people who seemed to be on fire for Jesus. The energy was contagious.
I have seen a few in my time. I loved dancing. I loved singing so loud my voice was hoarse the next day. There was nowhere I’d rather be.
And in between the heart-pounding concerts, would be speakers that would challenge us; Shake up our world a little bit, but also encourage. And I’m sure some of us must have been thinking, “Yes! This is what being a Christian is all about! I’m totally going to share this faith with everyone I know! My Life is totally changed! God is Awesome!”
And then we’d start jumping up and down to the next song.
The momentum could keep up like this all weekend. This… Spiritual High, I’ll call it.
And then…
It just dies.
And some cycles don’t cease with time, do they? Should they…?
There have been times, where I can come home from church on Sunday, refreshed and challenged on how I can better live for God’s kingdom. And often, I will share these ideas with my Husband.
Then Monday rolls in abruptly, scrapes me off the bed, and plunks me smack-dab in the middle of chaos. Or dullness. Either way, it seems everything from the day before is no longer relevant or even evident in my routine-programmed mind.
I hate this.
Don’t you?
It bothers and pains me to see how easy it is to get sucked back into ‘normal life’. Almost as if this chunk of our lives; family, jobs/school ( All blessed and given by God) is the main act, and Church and faith and devotions – well, that’s just kind of our go-to plan.
I guess what I’m getting at, is that I am guilty of saying ‘Yes Lord!’ with my lips, then turning around, and having my life and actions say ‘No, No, Nope!’
This may have some similarities to previous posts, but I think it’s because this idea of Kingdom Living has been placed heavily on my heart this past year.
And day by day, I’m just trying to figure out what that looks like.


2 thoughts on “*Spiritual High!* Then it Dies…

  1. I can relate. Thanks for being translucent here. God has showed me that it’s all about being refueled constantly and that only comes from being obedient in seeking God first every day. Obviously easier said than done. I like to hit my snooze button…a lot… Well-written post! :]

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m so excited to find people with similar experiences as myself, thanks for being honest. This walk is wonderful and challenging, yet at the same time it’s so simple.

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