Countdown… A Little Late

2013 new year sparklerWe laugh, we chat, we play games, and time ticks down…
3 hours.
1 hour.
50 minutes…
6 minutes…
We start announcing our New Years resolutions, though most of them are vague and common, but no one minds; just glad to be in the presence of friends.
A few minutes seemed to have passed…
“What’s the countdown at?” I ask.
My friend turns on her cell screen, and the bright white 12:00AM stares back at us.
We missed it!
“That’s lame…” she replies.
Oh well…
To a New Year!
I do look forward to this 2013 year. 2012 had its share of ups and downs, good and bad; but now I’m ready for change. Maybe eat less cookies and actually exercise, but also, to learn to be less selfish. To not take relationships for granted. To give 110% of myself whenever I serve. I feel hopeful and pretty optimistic that good things await us this year. Of course, there are lots of other items on my ‘agenda’ for the new year; like perhaps blog more… and clean more…
I look forward to seeing how God will work in our lives, and in the lives of friends in 2013.



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