Hit the Wall

Can one lose their joy for writing almost as quickly as they had found it? Are personal deadlines or goals, in the world of writing, creativity ( and ultimately, productivity ) killers?
‘Cause I think I’ve hit the Wall…
In this blog, for the most part, I have kept the focus on faith; Anything recently learned or discovered; anything that inspires or challenges me…
No spiritual journey is a smoothly sailed one. Or, others might say, what goes up, must come down.
Often, that is me; UP down UP down UP down.
I’m trying to write an article; so far, I have a rather large portion of it completed. Now, it is just a matter of filling in the blanks, then making it really come to life. Making it enjoyable to read, interesting; something that perhaps might even encourage and inspire others!
As it stands, most of the article is as vague and dull as this following sentence:
The sky is nice.
One might ask, ‘What does that even mean?? Is it night? Is it day? Is it cloudy? Starry? Blue or pink or lavender?’
Perhaps one writes best, when with all their heart.
And maybe it’s one of those days, where my heart’s
So then, how does one refresh their soul, and get back in the game?


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