Makings of a Home

I’ve been inside beautiful homes, drool-worthy homes, and admired their cleanliness, attention to detail, color schemes, etc. I’ve been in homes which, upon entering, appear to be a cut out of a House and Homes magazine. Where every frame, every piece of furniture, every textile, every book and knick-knack were placed intentionally.
Then I go back to my own home, ( a place I am certainly blessed to have!) and am surrounded by clutter that somehow multiplies faster than rabbits, mismatched second-hand furniture, and basically, absolutely Nothing that would beckon for a page in ANY interior decorating magazine, other than to be shown as a before shot.
But stuff is stuff.
I don’t need pristine furniture that silently beg to be kept away from red wine; I don’t need a dozen matching, brand name frames; I don’t need to subtly coordinate the couch with the rug with the throw pillow with the throw cushions with the curtains.
What I want, is my home to be my home; Our home, to be our home. (That is, my husband and I )
When it comes to things, I like to think of myself as simple. Of course, time to time, I get the bug for something new or updated. I like to switch up the scenery once in awhile. But I’ll be the girl daydreaming in Ikea, rather than pushing a cart full of goodies.P1050351

Taking a second look at my home, I see memories, and I see space for memories to be made.
That sunset painting on the wall? Done for us personally, while on our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

P1050352The long wooden coffee table, with a scene painted on it? Second hand from my folks; used to be my granny’s. She was the one who had painted it.

That hand-crafted brown clay vase? From a silent auction held at a Hope banquet we now attend regularly.

Along with these, are many personal photos on the wall, gifts from friends and family, crafty projects and garage sale finds. I hope, as we continue to grow and change, that we can say there are many things in our home that have a story. ( Or at least a sweet memory!) I want our home to reflect who we are as individuals, as a couple, as (hopefully, someday) a family.

However, above ALL these things, I always hope for our home to be welcoming. When it comes to making a home a home, I hope this is our first area of consideration; have I created a safe place in which I can serve and bless others?

What makes your home, home to you?


2 thoughts on “Makings of a Home

  1. we think about home very similarly! my husband and i just got married, and so most of our things were wedding gifts. i know it’s a little different than collecting over item, but each item in the house has such a happy memory attached 🙂

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