My child is gifted. He’s also 29, unemployed, and living in my basement.

This post was too good not to pass on! I am really the last person to say anything on parenting, (as I am not one!) but someday, should I have kids, I hope that I can teach them how to navigate the world… and that they don’t fall into the pit of entitlement, which I am beginning to think, acts to stunt the growth of character…
But, I’m babbling. So go ahead, read and enjoy, and form your own thoughts! 🙂

The Matt Walsh Blog

I don’t respond to most of the negative emails I get from people who listen to my show or read my blog, but this one struck a chord. Maybe it’s the “I feel bad for your kids” bit, or the “you never should have been a parent” part, or just the general idiocy on display; whatever the reason, I felt compelled to fire back. Here’s the message I received from a guy named Nick in reference to a discussion we had on the broad subject of parenting. I think we can all benefit from reading this, and solemnly confronting the tragic reality that this country is chock full of Nicks:

“Matt, I heard your horrible conversation today about parenting. A few comments in response:

1) Based on your remarks, I have to say I feel bad for your kids. You sound like the sort of person who never should have…

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