Feelin’ Soup-er

I wish I had something inspiring to say.
Something intelligent to write.
But this evening I don’t.
My brain is soup.
No, wait.
Soup is my brain.
ON my brain. My mind. Soup.
I have a full weekend ahead of me. Soup-making may be a significant portion of that.
So, can y’all help a gal out?
What are some tasty homemade soup recipes that are good for a large crowd?


Over the line

One might associate this with making a foul; doing something wrong. Or perhaps infringing upon someone else’s privacy or boundaries.
But for myself, at least for now anyways, it is stepping over the line. Of my own comfort zone, that is.
As nice and cozy as my bubble might be, it’s not fun. Or exciting. There’s no risks; no challenges. I don’t learn as much, I am less likely to grow into deep, meaningful relationships while inside the bubble.
Maybe it’s different for everyone.
A few years ago, while still young into my journey as a Christian, I had somehow came to the conclusion that, if it scared me, then God must want me to do it.  I think I only applied this ‘philosophy’ to a couple of things in my life, but it is how I ended up taking a single music theory course in college. A course that I figured would set me on track to become a songwriter.
I was nervous to do it. And thus, surely that meant God wanted me to do it. I see now, that my thinking was a little flawed. But I do believe God will encourage and lead us Outside our comfort zones.
My first tendency, when provided the option, is to more often than not, be the hermit. To say ‘No thank-you”, then hide in the house.
The first couple times my husband and I hosted young Adults 2 years ago, I would start to feel anxious; I’m not a people-person! Is my house clean enough? What if they feel awkward? What if I do?
But through it, I met such awesome people and leaders; I grew and was challenged. I developed a desire to know more, to be more, to do more. Such things were not in me when I lived consistently inside my comfort zone.
Recently, I joined a kickboxing class. Living outside the comfort zone.
I smiled and said hello to a stranger walking by. Living outside the comfort zone
I agreed to making and serving soup for newcomers to the church. Living outside the comfort zone.
It’s the little things.
And ever-so-slowly, I see the walls distancing themselves from me. I see those boundaries are a little further away.
But ultimately, I see a God through whom all things are possible.
I just need to
                     Step Over the Line.

Sunday Sermon – Psalm 23

Today we had a guest speaker, who preached on Psalm 23. He talked about the brokenness of our world, and times of pain and suffering.
Psalm 23 reminds us that we have one who walks with us; who loves and cares for us.
One who leads us to “quiet waters”.
One who guides us and comforts us.
psalm23It’s dark out there.
But we are not without light.