New Year’s Resolutions


It’s never too late to set goals for one’s self, right? I’ve had a few ideas floating around in my head regarding how to be a better person; a better Christian, a better wife, a better friend, etc.
So, in no particular order, here is my list:

1)  Eat Healthier / Cook More
~ Okay, so who doesn’t  have this on their list? My husband loves to cook, but between school and work, the opportunity to do so doesn’t come around very often. So lately, it’s been up to me. Meaning, a lot of frozen pizza and toast… Plus, it doesn’t really boost my confidence when my cooking lately seems to turn out only 50% of the time. Baking however, I am a Master of.
( My attempts in such ventures can be found on my ‘Food and Fun’ page:

2) Exercise
~ Again, on almost everyone’s list. I have one more kickboxing class, and then I will be on the hunt for something new. Swimming, maybe?

3)  Say Yes
~ I blog about community, but I am often shy to go out where I know there will be a large group of unfamiliar faces. Off with the shell, young turtle!
Church meeting? Yes! Tea Party? Yes! Baby Shower? Yes, yes, yes!

4) Dig Deeper
~ If I profess to be a Christian, I better have the knowledge and passion to back it up. Perhaps along with my morning devotions, I could start an evening read too. Like, Mere Christianity. I think I started that book (for the 2nd time) several months ago. And guess what? I’m still on Chapter 3. Or 4. 😛

5) Show People I Care
~ People need to know they are loved and appreciated! Whether through cards, goodies, words, etc.  Especially with my friends and family – I really, really need to work on this.

6) Pray More
~ Too much of a good thing? Not so, with prayer. Sometimes I think I forget (somehow) the power of prayer.

7) Get Creative / Get Skills
~ My husband and I already have some goals for the Spring, for making and planting a small garden, using pallet boards. Also I received a sewing machine for Christmas; so, I would like to bust that baby out one of these days and try my hand at refashioning.
(Speaking of, I really enjoy this blog: )

Those are some goals to get me started for 2014.
How do you plan to be a better You this year?


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