Thirty Things


I have seen lists on other blogs. To-do lists, wish lists, bucket lists, etc. So in that fashion, I decided I would make a list of my own; 30 things that I hope for/would love to do/will aim to achieve, by my 30th birthday ( 4 years from now). It also happens to fall on the 30th of March; I’m told this makes it my golden birthday.
And so, I present to you my list, in no particular order.

1. Grow our family. Have kids. Or buy a goldfish.

2. Trip to Disneyland or Disney World. (Seriously, am I the only one in this country who hasn’t gone??)

3. Be a student again. Someday. Never too old to learn!

4. Be a part of a play. Because, why not? ( The more dramatic the better. Plus, I can cry on demand. For real.)

5. Travel overseas with the husband. (2 more years of school and then we are FREE!)

6. Get some body art. A piercing, or a tattoo. Something cute, yet classy. Something I won’t regret.

7.  Take a fun artsy class. Like pottery!

8.  Attend a fancy dinner, with evening gowns and tuxedos. And maybe a limo ride too?

9. Make/ Sew some of my own clothing. ( Received a sewing machine for Christmas; gotta put that thing to use!)

10.  Read (from beginning to end!) a Charles Dickens book.

11.  Invest! In gold or silver or stocks of some kind. My savings account is bored with me.

12. Grow my hair out past my ribs.  (Currently sits a few inches past my shoulders) Or  if I get bored with that, go funky.

13. Change of scenery; Live somewhere else for a while. Start anew!
B.C. maybe?

14. Learn to drive a stick-shift. And then take a ride in a hot sports car? 🙂

15. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

16. Change someone’s life (for the better). Eg. Big brother big sister program, or sponsor a child.

17. Go karaoke-ing. At least once.

18. Paint a masterpiece. Then sell it. Or display it with pride on a wall in our home.

* This is harder than I realized! Been making this list for a week…*

19.  A race. Or two or three. That color me rad looks like a lot of fun!

20. Buy a new(er) car; Oh, how I would love to have heat! And no coolant leaks for a change!

21.  Start a small garden. Yay real food!

22. Enjoy a beach in the middle of winter.  ( Because 6 months of winter is TOO Long.)

23. Enter a writing contest. What’s there to lose, right?

24.  Photo shoot. It would be so much fun to feel like a model for a day!

** It’s hard for me to think long-term. Majority of these things I should try to do in the next year; live and love boldly! **

25.  Go to a European food festival. Because they know their food.

26. Be hippies and attend an outdoor concert weekend.

27.  Find a favorite bible verse; how is it that I don’t have one?

28.  Join a sport. Like non-competitive women’s soccer.  I specify non-competitive because I’m quite terrible at most sports.

29. Take spontaneous road trip(s).

30. Meet Norah Jones. She is just super awesome and I love her voice. On a random note, we share the same birthday!

That completes my list.
Hoping I can cross a bunch of these off in the next few years! 🙂
What’s on your list?