There’s this song that has been played more and more frequently on the radio lately. It wiggles its way into my head, and I can’t help but start dancing. With a name like “Happy”, how could anyone resist?

I guess a part of me is striving for this, as the days grow brighter and warmer. But it is not so much a quest, as it is learning to live a life of renewed perspective; a life of loving the person God made me to be, serving others more, making time for the people and things in my life that truly matter. And I think, happiness is sort of by-product of that.
I don’t really know. I’m just thinking – er, typing – out loud.

What are some things that make you happy?



Dear Spring, Don’t be Shy!

I guess I’ve been  a little uninspired lately. At least, in regards to writing. It has been a painfully long winter – as if Spring gathered up all her paint and coloring supplies, took one look at the dirty, dusty canvas that is currently this city, and hopped on the next bus to B.C. instead.
I can’t say I blame her. Sometimes I’m tempted to do the same.
After months of snow and snow, and snow and cold, sometimes I can’t help but feel a little flutter of something new – a little surge of excitement – when the sun finally, and graciously, shines its lovely face upon the land. I think of gardens, and flowers; walks and parks and holidays; I feel the ember of creativity within me glow brighter. I just want to grab a brush and paint the town!

Today, it was a balmy +8 degrees Celsius. ( Yes, EIGHT) I could hardly contain the Spring within me. I wore a floral print dress to church; I painted  a sunrise, layering color after color – blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, white! I went for a two-hour walk, snapping photos of my surroundings, while juggling mittens and a café vanilla frappuccino.
I looked to the trees and the water for signs of Spring. But not wanting to be discouraged by its still-lacking presence, I soon turned to architecture, admiring the bricks and stones and windows that made these houses some of the nicest in this city. I suppose I may have been a little bit of a neighborhood creeper, as I took photos of houses in a neighborhood I certainly didn’t belong to.  But I just love to look.

P1060105        P1060104

Sometimes, I want to grab the sun and shine it in all areas of my life. Make my perspective brighter, the future brighter, relationships brighter. To rid myself of the browns and greys that have had me down, and saturate my world with colors and light.
I am grateful that with Christ, we can do exactly that. And then, pay it forward and brighten other lives. 🙂