I hate running

Perhaps you do too. Or maybe, you are one of the few that run quite regularly. If the latter describes you, Kudos to you. No sarcasm. I wish I could run.  To stretch one long limb in front of the other, repeatedly, quickly, and without tiring. To feel the wind in my hair, and my surroundings blur around me. I just want to be like that speedy little kid from the Incredibles; is that so much to ask?
My body wheezes ‘Yes. Yes that is much too much to ask!’
I’ve made approximately 3 running attempts this year. The first couple minutes are great; I get to thinking that maybe I can do this after all! I feel optimistic and strong. I match my breathing to my strides, and thank God for another beautiful day.
But it goes quickly downhill from there.
Eventually, I find myself dragging my feet in a turtle-speed walk.  I look at the trees around me and think, if a cougar were to jump out at me right now, I would let it have me. This is my new attitude. That is until I spy another being approaching me on the trail, in which I then feel I absolutely must run so I don’t look so pathetic. So I was passing a mother with a stroller, when from the stroller I hear,
” Hey you Idiot!”
The three year old just confirmed how lame I am.

I think from now on, I will take swimming over running.

And I can’t even swim.


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