The Sleepwalker’s Wife 2.0!

20170415_154140(0)Okay. I’m not new, and I’m not exactly better. Yet.

But, I’ve decided to reboot this blog. It has been years since I last wrote, plus I want to take on a new direction. While I hope to still share some reflections, I want to also dive into the world of crafts, upcycling, Pinterest and the like!

On a side note, I now have a little blessing that keeps me busy, so posts may be a little sparse at first! But I hope you’ll still follow along with me. 🙂

Looking forward to making some changes. There’s a world of possibilities out there, friends, big and small! 😉




I remember thinking to myself, several weeks ago, that I was reaching that one year anniversary of blogging. And that, to celebrate such a thing, I should write something…
Well, that was May.
The one year anniversary was June.
Now it is July.
More and more, I see that, if one is not intentional about something, it will come, then it will go…
And like sands through the hourglass,
So are the days of our lives.
I am guilty of that in most aspects of my life. Wanting – intending – to plan something ahead of time; a birthday event, a gift, a favor, etc.; but then procrastinating until it is too late. And instead of showing love to the ones I love most, in a creative and intentional way, they get a big, fat rock.
That I painted.
For Mother’s Day.
Four days late.
Thankfully, (and as I of course, already knew) my Mom loves homemade gifts, and thus, loved my “Rockin’ Robin” painted rock.
But I know eventually, this procrastination must cease. Or at the very least, decrease considerably.
I’m slowly learning to go forth, and actually DO.
Over a year ago, I knew the best way to do my devotionals consistently, was to add it to my morning routine.
Over a week ago, I added exercise to my morning routine.
I think that’s a good word for the day, don’t you?