Love languages


A friend recently posted this picture depicting the 5 Love languages. I’ve wondered myself – How best do I feel loved? And, how do I show others that I love them?

After more thought, I now wonder, how should I show others that I love them? That is, do I take the time to learn the love language they “speak” and then communicate in that way to them?

What’s your love language?


Time is Love

timeisloveTo Love someone – to love anyone – to love everyone,
is not  and should not be a half-hearted thing.
In James 2:14-26, James tells us that faith without deeds is dead.
Sometimes I think similarly about love.
It’s wonderful to say and hear ” I Love you”, and ” I care”.
But it is simply awesome to put the time and energy into showing that person how you feel. Showing people they matter to you.
I’m working on this. And Lord knows I’ve got a long way to go.
It’s the little things.
But the little things, can become big things.
Today, I’m particularly focused on special occasions.  We’ve just had two; Christmas and New Year’s.
On a little side note – the other day I watched a video showing New Year’s Party expectation vs. reality. One point was something like this:
Expectation: Best night of your life.
Reality: Just a Wednesday.
Maybe I’m silly. Maybe I live in a bubble. But I was a little sad by this. Yes, sometimes our expectations are too high. However, if life is what we make of it,
I want to make it special.
At least, several days a year, anyway.
Today is my husband’s birthday. I love him so much; I wanted to make it special. So I tried to make the day about him. Whatever he wanted to do, we would do. We watched the world juniors ( Disappointing game!); I made him breakfast of bacon, potatoes, and eggs; we went shopping for books; I baked him an apple crisp ( His favorite dessert); and tonight, we’ll go out for supper with good friends.
Every so often, there’s this country song that gets stuck in my head. The only words I remember are ” Time is Love”.
Perhaps one of my New Year’s resolutions could be showing people I care, by spending time.
When you give yourself, – give your time – you may find eventually that, in return, your life is enriched and blessed.
And that’s a beautiful thing.


This word is constantly rolling around in my mind. Maybe because in the last few years, I have begun to see what a major and positive impact community, and being part of one, has had on my life. I could go so far as to say that it is one of the top reasons my husband and I,
a) Love the church we attend.
b) Would be hesitant to move away.
(Even though home looks like THIS lately…
Gah – December, and I am so done with snow! )

Every so often, I feel a tug to BE community.
Does that make sense?
I am constantly blessed with being part of a community; a family, church family, friends, etc., but I admit to not often being the initiator of community, or the inviter. For example, as someone who has attended the same church for the past few years, I should be the one saying ‘Hello’ to unfamiliar faces; I should be the one making others feel welcome; helping newcomers feel a sense of belonging.
Instead, it is almost like I’m still waiting for the invite. Like I’m the newcomer standing in the corner, hoping someone will say ‘Hi’ to me so I don’t feel painfully awkward and out-of-place.
What prompted this post in the first place, was that a ‘newcomer’ approached me; she extended an invitation to me. Said ‘Hi’ to me.
But not in church.
On my street.
I was just finishing up with shovelling the driveway, my glasses askew, my hair sticking up every which way, and my face all rosy from the cold, when a woman approached me with a card.
She wasn’t a Jehovah’s witness. She wasn’t trying to sell me anything or get me to join some club.
She was simply new to the neighborhood, and was inviting ME over to her open house get together this weekend.
“Oh, how nice!” I said.  I hope it didn’t sound insincere; my social skills could use a little polishing…
Nevertheless, I think I might go. I think I should go.
I don’t know this woman. I don’t know what her beliefs are, or what her religion is. But she is opening up her home to complete strangers.
Christian or not, that’s love. That is being community.
Maybe I can learn a thing or two from her.

Sunday Sermon – Psalm 23

Today we had a guest speaker, who preached on Psalm 23. He talked about the brokenness of our world, and times of pain and suffering.
Psalm 23 reminds us that we have one who walks with us; who loves and cares for us.
One who leads us to “quiet waters”.
One who guides us and comforts us.
psalm23It’s dark out there.
But we are not without light.

Being and Doing and Morning

While doing my devotions this morning, included was this excerpt from The Community of the King By Howard A. Snyder;
” Truly Christian transformation of culture comes through Christ-like ( and hence sacrificial) love, community and being.
But this fact by no means cancels out the responsibility to do, to act, to walk in the words of God. Rather, the being and the doing go together. The being is fundamental, but the doing is a natural result. ”

Too easily I forget to live in faith; and what I do is no longer a result of a Christ-like life, but rather a forced task of my own efforts, in hopes of attaining Christ-likeness.
And doing things backwards can sure be draining.

My thoughts of the morning.

Love themes and Devotions

I confess, I just haven’t been very inspired lately. Maybe it’s the terribly long winters we have up here in the North. Started in October, and these past few weeks we’ve been teased with melting snow, only to have it come back afresh a couple of days later!
I’ve also been busy. Yes, busy indeed…

… Watching episode after episode of “How I met your Mother” with the Hubby…
Ok, I’m fessin’ up. I’ve been totally unmotivated.
I can still say that I do devotions regularly!  Going through 1 John this past week. And the past couple months, I’ve had this Love theme on my mind. That is, loving God, and loving others. Sometimes, I wonder if I over-analyze how this is done or what it should look like.
Here’s V.18 for you all.” Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

On a different note now, the Devotions book I’ve been going through for the past year is ‘Solo’, with the message translation. But now it is almost done!
So my question is,

What is a good devotional book?

“Keep Watch…”

Wow, what a good sermon today! We went through Matthew 24:45-25:30. As a lead  into the sermon, the pastor read V.42 : ” Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”
But in this case, to keep watch does not mean inactivity or idleness; it does not mean dropping all we do, to keep our eyes on the sky for the coming of our Lord and Saviour.
In this passage, Jesus tells a few stories. The first one is about a servant whose Master goes away and puts him in charge. If the Master were to return and find this servant doing well, the servant would then be put in charge of all the Master’s possessions. But should the servant behave wickedly, and beat his fellow servants and eat and drink with drunkards, the Master will return on a day he does not expect, and “assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (V.51)
The second is the story of ten women, who took their lamps and went out to meet the lamp3bridegroom. Five were foolish and five were wise. The foolish did not bring oil with them while the wise had. It had come the time for the women to meet the bridegroom, but the foolish five were still without oil, so they asked the wise women, but they could not spare any otherwise they would all have no oil. So the five continued their quest for oil and arrived late to the banquet. “Sir! Sir! Open the door for us!” they said.
But he replied, “I tell you the truth, I don’t know you.” (25:11-12)
coinsThe third story was the Parable of the Talents. A Man going on a journey, called upon his servants, and gave one 5 talents of money, another 3, and the last, 1, according to their ability. The first two servants used their talents and doubled what they had started out with. The last buried his one talent in the ground.
The man then returns, and upon learning of this, replies to each of the two servants “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” (V. 21 & 23)
When he hears of what the last servant did with his one talent, he calls for the talent to be given to the servant who has ten talents, and says ” For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” ( V. 29)

The passage, in a rather large nutshell. So, what themes were taken away from this?
~ Selfless Dependability – What God has entrusted to me, share with others.
~ Prudent Equipping –  There are consequences to not being prepared.
~ Risky Disbursement – Playing it safe or risking it all?

We are encouraged and invited to Watch: To Actively pursue God and receive from him whatever necessary to serve and celebrate.
The pastor tied up the Sermon with this quote, which has stuck out most in my mind since this morning;
“What is the final message of Jesus in telling this story? It is: Step out! Risk! Live dangerously! Take constant chances with your life and goods for his name’s sake. Don’t try to bottle up your life so as to hang on to it at all costs. If you do that you will surely lose it. But surrender yourself to his cause, again and again. That is the way to find life. That is the way to watch for his coming. Having risked yourself to become a Christian, now risk yourself again and again as opportunities arise. Live dangerously! Or that also could be written, love dangerously! To live for Christ is to love men with his love. And that is always a risk.” – Ray Stedman
What a challenge! How often I live selfishly; how often I seek security, and put my faith in things other than Christ. How often I hang on to life, like it is all I have.
If I truly believe, and am truly grateful for all he has done, shouldn’t everything I do or say, proclaim it?
Step Out!
Live Dangerously!
Surrender yourself to his cause, again and again.


Something to think about.