Am I… Dull?

Apathetic. Indifferent. Unconcerned. Dull. Mundane.
What do you think of when you hear these words?

” Our pictures of Heaven are dull, platitudinous, and syrupy; therefore, so is our faith, our hope, and our love of Heaven… …
Dullness, not doubt, is the strongest enemy of faith, just as indifference, not hate, is the strongest enemy of Love” ( From Everything You Wanted to Know about Heaven But Never Dreamed of Asking by Peter Kreeft).

Often, I feel challenged to live on purpose; live with purpose. I get comfortable in life, then soon start wondering, ‘What good is this to anyone or anything? How am I living the Kingdom Life?’
Perhaps one of the worst things a Christian can do, is to be indifferent. Apathetic. To not be intentional, not live by the spirit.
I’ve spent the last hour in a desperate hunt for a quote by John Eldredge, and I can’t find it. But the gist of it is this; that it is the devil’s ploy for our lives to appear mundane and uninteresting to those who do not believe.
This thought has planted itself in my mind, and every so often, challenges me.
What am I living for? Who am I living for?

Some Unorganized thoughts of the day.