“Didn’t I Tell You?… Oops!”

In a foreign land, quite new to me; of rocks and hills, right by the sea.
A celebration, a wedding, you see. All seemed to be going swimmingly.
Then I’m approached by my sister’s MC.
“You’re next” She said. I thought she was kidding.
I turned, wide-eyed, to where my sis was sitting.
“Didn’t I tell you??… Oops!” she giggled.
I shook my head; my jewellery jiggled.
‘Welcome to the family’ – well, that’s a big deal!
What should I say, that’s kind, clever and real?
So I borrowed a pen and scribbled some notes.
Not even enough time to check what I wrote.
Went up to the mic and started with Hello,
clutching my paper, I went with the flow.
Jitters non-existent, I might make it through!
I ended with “lookin’ forward to getting to know you.”
I’m not good with speech, my tongue gets ahead of me,
Even with notes, in which I rely heavily.
But this was an exception, surely God’s grace,
that my impromptu speech successfully took place.
We then ate, and we danced; we laughed and had fun.
Never will I forget when two hearts became one!


Time for a walk

I want to write another blog, but what should it be about?
The strikes, the victims, or a political log; or the teapot, short and stout?
Don’t want it to be boring, or come off as overly critical.
Don’t want to vent, or rant or rave, or paint me as hypocritical.
I could write about love and beauty, and dear things that warm a soul;
Or I could write embellished tales, like sleeping in the New Year’s cold.
But the sun is warm and bright, and in its rays I wish to lie,
If only for just 5 minutes, this stuffy nose would remain dry!
The lilies bloom, the birds are chirping; how I want to join such splendor!
Wispy clouds roll lazily, in a blue sky I’ll soon be  under.
From nothing, to God’s creation, this blog poem has evolved.
That’s it, I cannot sit idly by, I want to be involved!
To smell the lilacs, touch the trees, taste the berries so wild;
Forget I’m sick, and appreciate the blessing of being God’s child.